Hello everyone!

Welcome to this new review, and this time let’s go back on what happened in Rapids Network for the month of August 2021.

August is the summer, the heat, the vacations, and a few weeks before school starts, but August is the most important month for Rapids Network. Do you know why?

Well the answer is simple, in this year 2021 Rapids Network is proud to celebrate its 3rd year of existence with but mostly thanks to you.

Between the official launch of Rapids Network in 2018 and now, a lot has been accomplished, too much to list…

Hello and welcome everyone!

This month marks another important milestone in the life of Rapids Network and all of its teams, led by Rapids founder Corey Strong. This month marks the 3rd anniversary of the creation of Rapids Network. #RapidsTurns3

For those of you who have been following us for months, or even since the beginning of this beautiful story, as well as all our partners, you know how far we have come since the very beginning.

For all the others, newbies to the community, but also all those interested in the world of Cryptocurrencies, we’re going to give you…

Hello to all

Welcome to another Rapids News Review. This time let’s focus on the month of July.

We’ve just finished the first half of the year, and now it’s time for the second half. Just like most of the active people on our beautiful planet, the Rapids Network team is also taking some time for themselves as well as for rest, but without putting everything on hold.

Since July 1st, the Rapids Network explorer has been updated. You can now follow in real time the market figures, and all that concerns Rapids:

  • The Total Supply
  • Blocks
  • Number of Active…

Hello everyone!

Welcome to this new report of everything that happened in Rapids for the month of June 2021!

We are in July, the beautiful days are back. The heat is more present, the vacations are coming, we all need it.

And to make the most of these vacations with family and friends, anywhere in the world. Rapids Network has been working hard over the last few months to provide you with a quality service and an unbeatable user experience.

On May 31st of this year, we announced a bridge between Rapids (RPD) & Wrapped Rapids (BRPD) to convert your…

Hello everyone.

As of May 31st of this year, a Bridge has been set up between Rapids and Binance Smart Chain, allowing you to convert your Rapids (RPD) to Wrapped RPD (BRPD), at a ratio of 1:1, for use on all BSC dApps.

Want to know more about how to convert your RPD to BRPD? We suggest you consult this article.

Hello everyone! And welcome to this new Monthly Review

May has been an extremely busy month in terms of news and events!

Between the change of Protocol to Mercury Protocol and the reduction of Supply to 1000:1, the Carmarthen Bay Film Festival where Rapids was the Sponsor of the Short Film Category, the release of the TipBot V2 by Rapids and the launch of the Bridge between Rapids (RPD) and Wrapped Rapids (BRPD) which will allow you to use your Rapids (RPD) on all the Binance Smart Chain dApps as of May 31st, the past month has not left you…

Hello everyone!

Rapids Network is proud to announce that, as summer approaches, they have a nice surprise for you.

You can now use your Rapids (RPD) on all Binance Smart Chain dApps, we’ll explain how.

Before we begin, we’d like to remind you that you can conduct all of these Rapids (RPD) transactions from Telegram, your Rapids Mobile Wallet, the Desktop Wallet, and from any exchange where you purchased your Rapids (RPD)

You can use MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or Binance Chain Wallet

Using one of these three ways will allow you to convert your Rapids (RPD) to Wrapped RPD (BRPD)

Hello everyone!

Welcome to another look back at the highlights of the entire Rapids Network ecosystem.

Before anything else, we remind you that it is essential to update your Rapids Core Wallet, you have until May 5th to do so, which will allow you to use your Rapids (RPD) fully and without worries after the change of Protocol

From the new Rapids Mobile Wallet integration, to the RaptureTV Open Weekend, to a new member of the Rapids Team, to the impending Network Restructuring, this April promises an ambitious Q2.

Rapids Network:

On April 4th, we invited you to the ‘Sunday Easter Egg Event’ which many of you attended, a long series of events, all over the place, to have fun and reward you.

The Rapids Core 4.0 (Supply reduction) is available on our official github.


Please update before block 1286000 (about 23 days).

This is a mandatory update.

It will reduce total supply by a ratio of a 1000 to 1 and will also restructure block rewards.

Video tutorial on how to update from Rapids Academy below:

Written instructions can be found here in our support group:


Mobile and Rapids Host Wallets are automatically supported.

Exchanges have been notified

Block reward share after restructure:

  • 20% Staking
  • 60% Masternodes
  • 20% Network & Development


Friends and fans of Cryptocurrencies, you have probably noticed for a few months but in particular the last few weeks, NFTs have been shaking the web. They occupy more and more space in the news….and what news!

Incredible sales records:

  • An NFT of the very first Tweet posted by Jack Dorsey, sold for $2.5 Million
  • Nyan Cat sold for $500,000
  • Beeple sold a short video for $6.6 Million
  • A Banksy painting was destroyed by fire, to be turned into NFT, and then sold for $415,000
  • And the most iconic of all! …

Rapids Network

Rapids is a cryptocurrency project utilizing Social Media Networks for everyday transactions. The Rapids platform facilitates the sending, gifting, and sharing

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