April 2019 Update

Rapids Network
3 min readFeb 11, 2020

Just as any other month has revealed the determination behind the Rapids Network team and community, this past month has been no different. With every day that passes, the Rapids Network adds to its arsenal of possibilities through development progress, partnerships, and integrations. April has accomplished much more, and the following outlines the most recent progress for the Rapids community:

  • Mazer Gaming partnership — the Rapids Network is now an official partner of one of the largest E-Sports teams, Mazer Gaming LLC. The Mazer team competes in Call of Duty, Gears of War, Halo, Fortnite, FIFA, Spite, Splatoon, Smash, and Brawlhalla.
  • Digital Asset Services — the merchant Digital Asset Services, also known as _CryptoSigns on Twitter, now accepts RPD for payment via our SwirlPay integration. Now you can use your RPD to pay for customized laser-engraved products such as coasters, plaques, and stands as well as acrylic LED signs.
  • CoinStats listing — RPD is featured on the CoinStats crypto portfolio tracking app. With over half a million users, RPD keeps getting more and more exposure to the masses.
  • SignKeys partnership — mobile based crypto wallet SignKeys provides a way to send your digital assets as easily as sending a message. SignKeys supports over 220 digital assets (not just crypto), lets you earn by sharing, and is available for download via the Apple app store and Google Play store. With the help of SignKeys, RPD can now be sent and received by using existing messenger apps such as WhatsApp!
  • Advanced.GG partnership — The E-Sports industry’s go-to company for focus and concentration supplements, providing the energy boost and nootropics for some of the biggest streamers and gamers.
  • Escodex listing — This Decentralized Exchange (DEX) now offers RPD and BTC pairings to trade your RPD. You can utilize their exchange with peace of mind, knowing your RPD private keys are yours to control.
  • MyCointainer.com — a Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) regulated crypto asset platform to help you hold and earn a profit with the various cryptocurrencies supported. RPD was integrated into MyCointainer to utilize another reputable investment solution for RPD users. MyCointainer provides a simple solution for newcomers that may not be completely up to speed with all the nuances of cryptocurrency investments.

Besides the above list, the Rapids team has been getting more involved with the crypto community and representing the Rapids Network at blockchain meetups. The next stop for the Rapids team is the Spring Edition of the Malta Blockchain Summit from May 23rd to the 24th. This is an integral summit in the technology sector as the Rapids Network will be among some of the biggest leaders in Blockchain, A.I., Big Data, IoT, and Quantum Technologies.

If you want to find out more about what is to come for Rapids and what we are doing in the meantime, follow us on social media, check out our website, and visit our various partners. Keep an eye on the progress of the Rapids Network as the team and community are working diligently to fuse the worlds of Blockchain Technology with Social Networking Technology.



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