Blockchain At Your FingerTips! #BAYF

Blockchain At Your Fingertips…

Our philosophy is that blockchain should be at your fingertips - Ready at hand, immediately available for everyone…

What makes up the Rapids Blockchain?

A decentralized Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Blockchain consisting of two layers.

  • A Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol for the creation of new blocks and the security.
  • Masternodes to enhance its stability.
  • RPDx protocol, a fully decentralized asset platform.

What is a Proof of Stake (PoS) Blockchain?

Proof of stake is a consensus mechanism, a way for a blockchain to validate transactions. Nodes in a blockchain must be in agreement on the present state of the blockchain and which transactions are valid. Proof of stake encourages scalability and security of the network while also enhancing its decentralization.

  • Node reward = 1.0701 RPD (60% of block reward)
  • Staking reward = 0.3567 RPD (20% of block reward)

What is RPDx?!

RPDx is software layer built on top of the Rapids blockchain enabling users to create tokens to represent custom assets or currencies, and to transact these via the Rapids blockchain in a decentralized manner. Being a platform that is built on top of the RPD blockchain, the transactions pertaining to RPDx are all recorded and assessed by the Rapids network, and will be viewable on the Rapids explorer.

What to expect?!

A huge interest from new users who want security for their assets but without compromising on their royalties or marketing with the intuitive platform Rapids has to offer. Apart from the inspirational NFT collections that are currently trending we are working towards NFT ticketing, other event promotions and blockchain gaming with third parties already awaiting the release of RPDx.

Volbil (blockchain developer) Testing the name.rpd extension


Rapids innovative approach to the blockchain promotes it above most other altcoins, which have little actual use most of the time. As a Rapids application, RPDx substantially improves the Rapids blockchain and gives all users various capabilities including truly decentralized smart contracts with no need for a middle man and only a front end (marketplace or dex) to catalog available trades, making it more attractive to a wide range of individuals and companies.



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Rapids Network

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