Event Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2022

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3 min readJun 8, 2022

Event Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2022 (Monday 16 May — Thursday 19 May)

Last Month, Rapids attended Wales premier film festival and BAFTA Short film qualifying Carmarthen Bay Film Festival (CBFF), and were the proud sponsors for the second consecutive year of the “Best Short Filmcategory. Rapids Team Members Matt, Martijn, Pete and Simon attended the event which was held over 4 days

Rapids Network offers huge potential for Film creators, such as utilizing NFTs. We are exploring the possibilities of Decentralized Ticketing and Crowdfunding on the Rapids Blockchain.

During the four days of CBFF, over 120 films were screened and showcased, as well as a number of networking events between professionals (in various fields) took place in several locations around Llanelli, Wales, UK. Filmmakers from around the world watched and shared their impressions of the films presented. An awards ceremony was then held to announce the category winners on Thursday evening in the beautiful Theatre of “The Ffwrnes” in Llanelli.

On Tuesday evening, an interactive film was hosted by one of the world’s leading interactive game and video companies (from Wales), who have won several awards for their work and creations. The event was a live audience vote to determine the plot of the film. It was exciting and a lot of fun, and we see a huge potential in the introduction of Blockchain in the Interactive Film Industry in the near future.

Throughout the day on Wednesday, Films by Filmmakers from over 60 countries were screened in various locations around the site. In the evening, Rapids had the opportunity to meet with professionals from the Film Industry to discuss Blockchain and how it can be used in their field. We discussed many exciting ideas and left with positive feedback, with a number of creators willing to participate in pilots on Rapids Blockchain for their Crowdfunding and NFT opportunities.

Thursday was the main event and we saw Matt Cimelli (Rapids Network CEO) take the stage to award a Rapids (RPD) Masternode to the winner of the Best Short Film category (sponsored by Rapids), Michael Gamarano Singleton for his film Denzel.


It was a fantastic few days of exciting meetings and discussions with Film creators and other sponsors about the future of NFTs on the Rapids Blockchain.

We are very excited to be one of the first projects to enter the Film Production industry by introducing Blockchain Technology and Web3 via exciting opportunities to create a strong foothold in the world of Independent Film Production, for Rapids and their users.

Rapids has established strong relationships for future collaborations to expand the NFT space to Film Making, and more…



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