February 2019 Update

  • Whopper.io — Whopper is a cold storage solution for cryptocurrencies, providing credit-card sized cards to store your digital assets securely. Whopper Wallet Cards are beautifully designed, waterproof and durable from the outside elements, and can be utilized in conjunction with Whopper’s digital asset smartphone app, Coldfolio. For more information about this partnership, you can check out our Whopper Partnership article here.
  • Swirlpay.io — Swirl offers a 100% free plugin for Woo commerce sites. Swirlpay provides an eCommerce payment gateway, enabling websites to integrate Woo commerce and WordPress plugins which allow the retailer to accept a multitude of payment methods and in our case, RPD.
  • Coinbelay.com — named the “helping hand of cryptocurrencies,” CoinBelay displays a multitude of information for cryptocurrency projects. On their site you can view RPD assets, exchanges, pools, integrations, trackers, social media, and chat information, giving you a directory of the Rapids Network.
  • Rapids was mentioned in Forbes, again — Rapids art is displayed by crypto artist Nanu Berks.
  • Vendit Exchange integration — The Vendit Exchange is an entire FinTech solution that not only offers crypto trading, but also provides APIs, an exchange account management app, and payment gateway platform, facilitating a connection between merchants, vendors, processors, and financial institutions in order to trade and process cryptocurrency transactions. Vendit allows large companies to readily accept RPD and other cryptocurrencies, as payment. It’s also noteworthy to mention that Vendit has an accord with a popular peer-to-peer ridesharing and transportation network that many people use to get from point A to point B.
  • MyCointainer.com — The Rapids community came together to show a genuinely collaborative spirit in the MyCointainer.com Twitter community vote to determine which coin is favored among some heavy contenders and who would win a place onto their crypto investment profit earning platform. MyCointainer is regulated by a Financial Intelligence Unit to provide a system of exchanging digital assets against fiat currency. Once Rapids is hosted on their platform, you will be able to appreciate their step-by-step instructions, earning you profits and making your life that much easier.
  • Rapids Merchandise Store — This month has seen the launch of our merch shop, providing you an online outlet to purchase Rapids hoodies, polo T-shirts, regular T-shirts, tank tops, hats, socks, coffee mugs, drawstring bags, and more. All articles of clothing come with an embroidered Rapids logo so you can represent your favorite social media cryptocurrency when strolling about town.



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Rapids Network

Rapids Network


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