The Rapids team has been hard at work this month, assembling more components of the Rapids Network and teaming up with more blockchain enterprises to provide you with the very best features to easily conduct secure social media payments and online transactions.

To illustrate just how far Rapids has come, here is an artist’s portrayal of what the Rapids Network has accomplished in 5 short months without the assistance of an ICO:


February has been a promising month and has seen much progress. The following list shows the additional partnerships and integrations achieved by the Rapids Network in the past month:

The partnerships between Whopper and Swirl is a significant step in the name of progress, especially concerning online transactions. Whopper allows Rapids holders to securely store their RPD in a portable, cold storage solution, complete with a smartphone app for asset management, while Swirl provides many online merchants with a way to accept RPD as payment for their goods and services. These two integrations combined, offer a payment framework, and a foundation that we will continue to use to expand the Rapids Network across multiple sectors.

Overall, this has been an exceptional period for the Rapids team and community. We have achieved many partnerships and integrations that are bringing us closer to our goal of mass adoption across social media networks. We will keep our eye on the prize and sustain our momentum so that soon, Rapids will be synonymous with secure and simple social media payments.

Rapids is a cryptocurrency project utilizing Social Media Networks for everyday transactions. The Rapids platform facilitates the sending, gifting, and sharing