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2 min readFeb 16, 2022

Ten months ago, on 31 May 2021, Rapids Network introduced a Bridge allowing you to convert your Rapids (RPD) to Wrapped Rapids (bRPD) and vice versa at a ratio of 1:1. Back then to use it you needed to have at least 1000 RPD in your Wallet.

Since the beginning, many of you have used this Bridge, which offers you the opportunity to use your Rapids (RPD) on dApps supporting the BNB Chain.

In addition to using your bRPDs within the BNB Chain, you can become a Liquidity Provider, by depositing bRPD in the bRPD/BNB or bRPD/BUSD Pool on PancakeSwap (for this you will need to have equal BNB as bRPD in USD. For example if you have $10 equivalent bRPD, you will need to have at least $10 equivalent BNB in your Wallet) where you can then add liquidity and start to earn passive income for providing it.

January 5th 2022 Rapids steps up the game!

We’re delighted to announce that the Rapids Bridge is now LIVE! v2 is faster, has greater support and makes it possible to expand our functionalities for the future, including integration into Raptic.

v2 is fully owned and operated by Rapids Network removing any third party input we had on v1… It has allowed for greater ease and speed, of which here are some:

  • The integration of the Bridge into Raptic Bot, as well as its future integration into Rapids Mobile Wallet.
  • Quicker support.
  • The development and future integration of the Bridge including RPD - RPDx Token.
  • Waiting times reduced significantly from around 50 to now only 11 block confirmations.
  • Reduced min to 100.

Here’s an insight of how the bridge operates;

  • User requests to use bridge service (if converting to bRPD or soon RPDx, then user sends their RPD to a designated address supplied to them on each request).
  • User sends asset.
  • Wallet automatically sends requested assets and after reaching 11 block confirmations. (each block on RPD is average 60 seconds)

Rapids Network, which has been in existence for three and a half years, puts all its knowledge, skills and tools at your disposal to facilitate the use of the power of the Blockchain, still has a lot of great things in store for you.

JOIN our up and coming campaign for March and bRPD liquidity providers.

Every Friday in the month of March we’ll be sending BRPD rewards to the top 10 liquidity providers… 5 providers from each qualifying pools: BRPD/BNB & BRPD/BUSD

You can find bRPD on PancakeSwap here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x1e2cdda8dd439e3953a6f43d1a2a7a4c3af39922

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Rapids Network

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