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3 min readMar 20, 2022

Today, we bring to you an update on development of the all new Rapids blockchain explorer. The Rapids blockchain explorer is built in house to easily maintain and expand in the future. Explorer v2 does come with a whole new design fitting our global branding and supports our current Rapids blockchain.

Rapids Explorer v2.1 comes with the implementation of Rapids RPDx testnet. RPDx testnet enables token and nft in-depth details and support for 3rd parties to start developing on our chain.

Lets briefly take a look at what makes up the Rapids Blockchain. A decentralized Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain consisting of two layers.

Layer-1, the main blockchain architecture;

  • A Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol for the creation of new blocks and the security.
  • Masternodes to enhance its stability.

Layer-2, an overlaying protocol that lies on top of the underlying blockchain.

  • RPDx protocol, a fully decentralized asset platform.
A Glimpse of the Rapids Explorer Marketplace (a lite version of main marketplace)

On to the explorer and why is it so important… The explorer is key to the Rapids blockchain because it enables a core feature that being transparency! The recording of blocks and the transactions they contain in the explorer creates clear and unchangeable documentation accessible to everyone.

Ongoing Testing of RPDx — RPDx is software layer built on top of the Rapids blockchain enabling users to create tokens to represent custom assets and to transact these via the Rapids blockchain…

Rapids explorer has been built for adoption by mainstream users, with real-time data and an optimized experience across devices. By delivering a Google like experience, the new blockchain search engine provides users with an intuitive way to search transactions, assets, addresses and marketplace listings. Its design is clean with a intuitive interface while proudly adhering to Rapids’ color codes, providing users a simple way to explore the Rapids blockchain.

Blocks are data structures within the blockchain database, where transaction data in a the blockchain are permanently recorded.

Aside from bringing about new functionality to both Rapids and our users, the new explorer will be foundation for a host of future features that are set to be released with the RPDx (layer-2) mainnet. The launch of new explorer is a huge deal for the ecosystem and we are very excited to be sharing the development progress with you. This is what you can expect if the upcoming stages:

  • (v2) Rebranding of the all new Rapids Explorer
  • (v2.1) Enables testnet for RPDx layer
  • (v2.2) Launch of the Lite Marketplace that enables buying of tokens and NFT projects and the enabling of RPDx mainnet
  • (v2.3) Ticketing & Partner feature launch

Our digital world, changed by blockchain. It’s true, blockchain has been around for decades. But, today blockchain is being used in new novel ways and can be a complicated, but it’s also accessible. It can be understood and used by anyone, regardless of your background. Rapids has innovative approach and we seek to bring the power of Blockchain to everyone including those who now avoid it.

Check it out here: https://explorer.rapidsnetwork.io

Do you have any questions? Join us on Telegram or Discord, we’ll be happy to answer them…



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