Rapids Network — 2020 Yearly Review

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5 min readJan 10, 2021

Hello everyone!

Welcome in this New Year, so many new things will be proposed by Rapids Network but also Rapture_TV (Streaming & Gaming Platform), and NFT to come ! (More information on the Rapids Roadmap for 2021) — Discover also our Presentation Deck

But before we delve into 2021, here is a small, non-exhaustive reminder of what Rapids has achieved and what the communityhas discovered. — But especially the second anniversary of Rapids Network, founded by Corey Strong. All of this in a joyful and good mood, despite relatively special global conditions.

All the world communities (of Rapids) have found a refuge in Rapids, and made these places (Discord, Telegram, Social Networks, Rapids.World …), friendly places to share beautiful stories and experiences.

Between the AMAs all year long, the New Members who joined the Rapids Network Core Team, but also the Updates, Consensus Update, the launch of the Rapids Mobile Wallet its updates and the addition of new features, the update Chain, the Listings, the Contests, and the Nice Surprise from their partner BOA — Burnley FC (UK Premier League soccer club).

As said before, in 2020 we were able to witness a flurry of AMA. So, as the guest, but also the host of some of the AMA, here are some of the names of the AMA organized in 2020:

2020 was also the year of the new Members within the Rapids Core Team, this year we were able to count on 6 new heads

  • Christophe — In charge of writing articles
  • Smart — In charge of the production of thematic videos
  • Maik — In charge of the Masternode Community.
  • Dejan — In charge of the visual image of Rapids
  • Milly — The famous Rapids Community Manager, very active on Social Media
  • Gilberto — In charge of Technical Support for Rapids, and Rapids.Host
  • Volbil — In charge of the Blockchain development

And here is a selection of events that have anchored Rapids’ history a little more in the Crypto Universe

Rapids Network has been updated to version 2.0 and the V 3.1 in August, followed by the implementation of the brand new TipBot, and the brand new Rapids Logo. Closely followed by the update of the Rapids Core Wallet to version 2.0.

You can also follow Rapids on the MeWe Social Network as well as its new account on Medium

We had the pleasure to discover the new listings of Rapids (RPD) & Rapids Network

As well as new partnerships

Rapids Network has also brought you some new videos, through Rapids Academy

Since July 23rd, 2020, you have the pleasure to download the Rapids Mobile Wallet on your Android & iOS Store, and on August 17th (less than 2 months after its release) Rapids had the pleasure to announce that the Rapids Mobile Wallet App had just passed the 1000 downloads Milestone.

Following the availability of the Rapids Mobile Wallet, Rapids worked on the integration of various Cryptos :

In November the Rapids (RPD) Blockchain (which changed its domain name from rapidsexplorer.com to rapidsexplorer.io) passed the symbolic mark of 1,000,000 successfully completed blocks.

Here are some other relevant information and events for 2020:

For all soccer fans, but also for everyone else, Rapids Network’s BOA partner Burnley FC, the UK Premier League soccer club, has deployed a huge Banner in the Rapids colors in their Turf Moor Stadium. The banner can be seen in all the home games of this prestigious soccer club.

And now 2020 is coming to an end, just as well as it began.

Welcome to 2021, with even more that Rapids Network has in store for you.

More information on the Roadmap 2021 of Rapids

Thank you all, for your continued support of the network

See you soon

Rapids Network

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  1. https://www.rapidsnetwork.io/
  2. https://t.me/TeamRPD
  3. https://www.rapidsexplorer.io/
  4. https://t.me/RapidsOfficial
  5. https://rapids.host/
  6. https://rapids.world/
  7. https://rapture.tv/



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