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4 min readJan 4, 2022

Before we begin, all of us at Rapids Network would like to wish you all a very happy 2022. Wishing you all the best for you and yours.

Welcome to this last 2021 review which includes December news and a Roadmap summary, you can find the November 2021 review on this link.

Our team is continuously working on new products and strategies in an effort to reward you for the continued support. Rapids has a number of developments ongoing; the RPDx Token Protocol, Raptic, Rapids Wallet, to name a few.

December is the month of Christmas, of family, of friends, but also of community. And the great community of Rapids, which brings together thousands of people from around the world, has also responded.

In the early days of the month, we updated and posted the Rapids Whitepaper and the Rapids Roadmap for 2022, which you can find here:

Followed by a very informative and informative AMA on current and upcoming projects in the Rapids ecosystem. Find the transcript of the Rapids December AMA here.

This leads us to a summary of the 2021 Roadmap.


  • Rapids Wallet Epay Card Integration; The integration was started early on in the year, but was delayed due to a change in regulations for the provider. This lead to an internal review of their policies and redeployment of apis, which in turn held up the integration. An Integration of such has be included for Q2 2022.
  • Video game live streaming platform development; Development of Rapture (Rapids’ streaming platform) was ongoing and successful throughout 2021 with 10+ open days for testing, and events including marketing on well established game platforms such as Minecraft.
  • Video game live streaming platform crowdfunding commences; The crowdfund was delayed due to ongoing development and growth of Rapture.
  • Masternode Governance; RPDx layer will be the platform for the governance as we witnessed on our recent testnet launch of RPDx where masternode holders had a chance to vote for coin burn.


  • Rapids mobile wallet cold staking integration; Cold staking proved to be unpopular as it still required a wallet of a “friend” to be open 24/7 to be able to receive rewards. We discussed with the community the possibility of staking with instant rewards and withdrawals via our mobile wallet by utilizing our already running hybrid platform Rapids Host. Development is almost complete, with the new mobile wallet UI/UX being deployed to support it and is set for release Q1 2022.
  • RPDx Creation; RPDx was researched and then created Q3 and deployed as testnet Q4 2021. We are excited for launch Q1 2022 with collaborations already set up and new and existing partners planning their deployment on the layer.
  • Bridge Creation RPD / RPDx; Bridge is deployed on the RPDx layer, for all transactions RPD coin will be used for fees and the RPDx token will be our wrapped token to support any trades and crowd sales on the layer.


  • NFT game content; April 2021, Rapids recruited their first NFT artist Samantha Haeffele (Looney Mascot), an American Artist & Industrial Designer, with an incredible background including a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and a history working as a Pattern Design at Realtree. Samantha has been working behind the scenes creating our first edition NFT game which will see RPD holders from all over the world competing against each other, creating new marketing opportunities and of course bringing another exciting use case for RPD. Expected release Q1 2022.
  • NFT Platform; Martijn Rapids’ Cto has be actively working on the front end of the platform, once we have completed the testnet of RPDx layer the engine of the platform we can finalize the development and deploy.
  • Video game streaming platform testing; Testing was ongoing throughout 2021 with many streamers taking part,


  • Integration of RPD into the streaming platform (Rapture) for Payments and Tips; Development of Rapture was put on hold until further notice and instead we’ll be actively sourcing partners and or other platforms whereby Raptic can be integrated for their streamers and viewers to have full use of.
  • RPD Burn; As briefly mentioned above we held a Burn Vote and the results can be viewed here.

Last month also saw start to a major upgrade and deployment of the BSC Bridge which allows you to convert your Rapids (RPD) to Wrapped Rapids (bRPD) and use them on all Binance Smart Chain dApps.

On December 12th we unveiled the ‘Xmas Linkshare’ to send and receive Rapids (RPD) in the easiest way possible, through a link, you could send these Xmas Linkshare links via Mail, SMS, on Media and Social Networks, etc.

And finally to finish December as it should be, because it’s Christmas before all! We have organized an avalanche of games and contests

  • Ugliest Tackiest Christmas Sweater Contest
  • Most Creative Ornament
  • Yummiest Looking Candy Cane Cake
  • Most ‘Moving’ Letter to
  • Christmas Carol Sing Off
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Stuart’s Trivia

Many of you have participated in these games and contests and we thank you. Seeing so many of you has warmed our hearts, as it has shown us that the Rapids community is close-knit, and loyal to the Network.

Rapids has an innovative approach to solving one of the biggest problems within the Crypto space. That is, of course, the all important “Mass Adoption”. We seek to bring the power of Blockchain to everyone, even those who avoid it because it’s too complicated or scary. Rapids intend to go to market with a viable solution.



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