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11 min readDec 11, 2021

Hello everyone, we announced it, and it happened. Our Monthly AMA was held on Discord this time, you can find it from the beginning, starting here.

It referred to the ‘Big Announcements’ made by Rapids since the middle of November 2021:

Here’s what the community of RPD MasterNode holders voted on:

  • The Voting has finished for the RPDx Testnet…!

Below is a screenshot of the wallet which held the testnet token and addresses since the RPD explorer will currently only show the txid from the fee and not the RPDx tokens until it’s launched.

From the screenshot you can see the Masternode Holders have chosen “NO BURN”…

Below is a detailed transcript of the questions and answers from this AMA. — Enjoy reading

Matt Cimelli

I have a bunch of brilliant questions which have been sent me from the team which have been running an event to gather them. So I think we’ll start with them?

What’s the main goal of RPD?

Rapids has an innovative approach to solving one of the biggest problems within the

Crypto space. That is, of course, the all important “Mass Adoption”. We seek to bring

the power of Blockchain to everyone, even those who avoid it because it’s too

complicated or scary. Rapids intend to go to market with a viable solution.

You can check the latest roadmap and milestones set here: https://rapidsnetwork.io/about-us

if anyone has anything to add to this please ask now whilst me and Martijn J. CTO are here

Almost every investor holds the token for the short-term without understanding the long-term value. So, how can you ensure for us that holding this token is more beneficial for long-term and what is your plan to increase the demand and scarcity of the token?

I personally don’t believe in just holding a Coin or Token without any purpose. Rapids already offers attractive passive income on holdings through Masternodes or Staking. As you can see from our whitepaper release we aren’t working on short term goals and we believe in opening up the Blockchain to the “normal” people in day to day life as there’s billions of people who haven’t even started their journey yet so we aim to make it easy for onboarding these billions with real life features such as the ticketing.

We’re working with our partners who aren’t part of blockchain as of yet but have massive reach in their communities and worldwide where they can adopt RPD into their day to day businesses for a purpose of its blockchain tech.

Why did you launch your own blockchain and not choose an existing one, like Ethereum…?

For many reasons, for example; not having to rely on third party blockchains or having to pay extortionate gas fees. It gives us the freedom to develop and offer our own products with extra security that we are in control of.

Matt Cimelli

Why Rpd team not focus on marketing?

When the time is right and products are launched. We aren’t looking for a little hype, we’re developing a eco system for long term. Marketing strategies are underway, products are best marketed shown off.


What happened with the twitter influencers? They still there or..?

Matt Cimelli

we have a full list of influencers we are working with, again once we are ready to not create “fake hype” (most products not ready) we’ll launch with them.

Matt Cimelli

Influencers include non crypto btw

Martijn J.

Like Matt said we are looking into partnerships who need our product but also can provide us with their marketing. It works both ways.


Tell us About new partner’s?

Matt Cimelli

We have the partnership with CBFF a film festival which together we aim once the RPDx is launched to work together with film creators on NFTs and Crowdfunding through RPD

Martijn J. Has secured dutch influencers and companies to launch with us next year for use of tokens, but can’t yet release any names. But there’s alot going on behind the sceness to expand Rapids into the “real world”

Manu | Rapids Outreach

Can you tell us more about RPDx?

Matt Cimelli

what would you like to know? some of the next questions i have ready may answer some of your questions

so gud project i lov it so i wanna ask yoy somequestion

  1. How does the tokenomic mechanism work to ensure the project attracts new users while ensuring there is no inflation like recent games?
  2. Currently the project mainly attracts investors in the crypto community. So, to attract new project participants, has the Rapids team made any plans yet?
  3. AUDIT plays an IMPORTANT role in enhancing the stability of any PROJECT. Are you working on an AUDIT your project to make it more secure and reliable?
  4. & 2. Please take a look at our whitepaper https://rapidsnetwork.io/assets/Rapids-Whitepaper.pdf
  5. We aim to get audited once RPDx layer is complete Q1 2022

Real audits can cost upwards of 5k$ so it’s important to do it at the right time..

Matt Cimelli

On What ecosystem is Rapids?

Rapids has its own Blockchain, please take a look at our Whitepaper it may be of some interest and includes our current workings. Also try our Raptic Bot.



regarding some tokens in the Rapids.host, people or devs behind it are still active? Will you try to delist some?

Martijn J.

We are currently working on a new Host platform which will be launched Q2 2022. We start connecting with those coins and projects to secure them for our next release. Next we are also looking into expanding the functionalities and features of Rapids Host. More about the update of that platform announced soon.

Matt Cimelli

What is the $RPD utility in the ecosystem? Where it will be used and why would the demand for $RPD increase? Please tell us about your 2022 roadmap and beyond.

RPD will power all of our products;

3 Tier Blockchain Masternode, Staking & Token Deploy

- Quark algo with the ability to run 100k+ TPS bettering many top blockchains

- RPDx layer built onto of RPD

  • Deploy / manage custom tokens & assets
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Ticketing System

- Rapids Wallet

  • RPD, RPDx integrated
  • Mobile staking
  • LinkShare

- Rapids Host

  • Multi coin smart staking pools
  • Multi coin masternode deployment

- Raptic Bot

  • Tipbot integrated in Telegram & Discord (hub backed — one wallet multi platform use)


How many years will take us to reach million dollar market cap . Just guess it in your view!?

Matt Cimelli

Price can’t be discussed. All we know is we are developing long term and projects like Rapids will stand the test of time and regulations soon as we work towards this.

When can we expect staking on the mobile wallet?

Please refer to our Roadmap released yesterday, Mobile Staking is Q1 2022


How many cryptos will we be able to swap to and also from RPD with RPDx?

RPDx layer will have p2p DEX exchange for RPD and RPDx tokens and for the future whatever we decide to list on mobile wallet there afterwards which include the main blockchains; BTC, ETH, BSC etc.

Are there any plans to do NFTs for sale and an an incentive the person will get some benefit for buying the NFT, like preferential access to any IDO’s that’s going to launch on RPD, or Airdrops to holders of NFTs. This is what I’ve seen in other projects.

We are already securing a number of collaborations for ticketing and in the music / film industry, these NFTs collabs will be using the RPDx Layer — Crowdfunding and Martketplace which we should in return see massive exposure for RPD coin and other products.

Martijn J.

Rapids Bridge faces problems, not able to swap my tokens / coins?

We are working hard on a solution and to roll out a new update, we do our best to release it in the upcoming week.


What is/are the reasons behind different sections for Rapids twitter, (Rapids Network, Rapids Wallet, Rapids.host)?

Matt Cimelli

Tbh Host was a platform we aquired so the twitter was renamed and Rapids Wallet was an idea from Corey but these will be closed and fed into the one main account.

Really glad you asked this thanks.


Thank you, because I’ve noticed that the followers for Rapids wallet is very low and much better to have one account only for all Rapids updates.


Quantum resist security really required for a blackchain ? Your views about it?

Matt Cimelli

not sure what you are reffering too

Linkshares with multi claims — How will this work- A linkshare is sent out and it will have the capability of more than 1 person being able to claim a portion of the Linkshare. The number of people that will be able to claim will be set out when the Linkshare is created. Is my understanding correct?

1 x Link x amount of claimants - 1 claim per Rapids Wallet


Are there lots of legislation and legal hoops to jump through with using rapids as a payment option

Matt Cimelli

yes, payment options there’s a lot of hoop but not impossible. Stable Crypto will be first regulated so we can look into stable now we have RPDx layer like BUSD etc. But

Manu | Rapids Outreach

LinkShare is a transfer mode that I love. Do you think it can be improved?

Martijn J.

Yes we really think we can improve this further, we already made a list of possible features. This is on our planning too, this will be announced eventually. Our highest priority is the RPDx layer, Marketplace, Ticketing and Host 2.0


Can you name some possible features?

Matt Cimelli

liquidity and farming for RPDx has been discussed. Staking Calculators as a nice feature, instant withdraws, single button deploy possibly through mobile wallet too.

Martijn J.

jaymat12345 well here you go, Matt is way faster then me


I think the instant withdrawal will get you some sparetime

Sounds good


Rapids has its own blockchain, right? Is there any possible DeFi integration just like other blockchain or you’re not focused on?

Matt Cimelli

We actually have a DEFi built on RPDx and are developing a web dApp for the mobile wallet offering a lot of features which were mentioned in the update.



Martijn J.

Our chain is decentralized and we are looking into and enabling third party development on our chain. It will be something similar through smart contracts as of we know right now.

Matt Cimelli

Hey Matt. Hope you are well. When are we going to use /CD again? And what’s the latest regarding Rapids Mascot. I still have it.

Haha yes Rapids Mascot /cd i’ll look into deploying the game bot again as we are regrouping

only a few know the /cd game which developed from a manual 10 countdown most evenings few years ago

was a lot of fun

i bet you couldnt do it here

mücahit duran

İ miss /cd game lol

Matt Cimelli

Kevin my good friend developed this bot for me, i will speak with him.

mücahit duran

Thanks Matt and Kevin

Matt Cimelli

Please explain MASTERNODE in layman’s term. Trying to know more about it using the site itself not really helpful for a newcomer like me. I can’t understand it by just browsing and reading the white paper. I just want to know how to have my own masternode? Do i need to pay for it? If yes, how much? One section for masternode will be really a great help for a newbie like me. Thanks. (sorry for my question, the answer might be present on somewhere but I was not able to find it by myself. sorry)

1 x Masternode = 10,000 RPD

Cost to host on Rapids.Host 0.99c each month

Masternode holders are Validators to the network and earn block rewards plus voting on the network, soon NFT Airdrops

New exchange listing is in the pipeline. Can we expect a tier 1 exchange?

Really can’t predict tier one but I’d like to think we are working towards it at some point and wont give up. You can find BRPD on pancake which we believe is actually a Tier one and a great onboarding to RPD which we’ll be looking closely to keep expanding services with them.


Any update on Rapture.tv? it’s been a year.

Matt Cimelli

check the update posted beginning sept, development has paused.


Martijn J.

Nice to see you on board of the Rapids team Martijn, saw that platforms like Masternodes.online, CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap are missing information or not working properly?

Thank you, am really glad that I have this opportunity to create something awesome with Matt and our whole Rapids team. We have contacted the platforms to see what they need to improve our information, updated links and some of the variable details for example MasterNodes.

Matt Cimelli

It’s very promising future, so much going on now, very glad to have you on board.

Matt Cimelli

Mobile staking in Q1. 20% staking? Or another percent?

Yes 20% block rewards staking on normal RPD blockchain terms.

There was some marketing planned. But it was some twitter accounts. And that was it. Some new marketing coming up?

Think I covered this above too… When the time is right and products are launched. We aren’t looking for a little hype, we’re developing a eco system for long term. Marketing strategies are underway, products are best marketed shown off.


Why there is a minimum stake to be a Masternode? I mean 10000

Matt Cimelli

10k is the masternode collateral, but you can stake any amount to earn. The more you do stake the more you obvs earn.

Matt Cimelli

Having a masternode via Host, but i can’t stake my rewards offline. is it possible to stake it in the future without withdrawal or someone else?

You can cold stake yes or soon the mobile staking


Will you add again BRPD pool in pancakeswap?

Matt Cimelli

once we have 2500 BRPD addresses then we can discuss features with them, but in my opinion i look at BRPD as an onboarding option to RPD and want users on our blockchain where you can stake etc.

Once Mobile Staking is launched i think we’ll see a big increase

Mobile wallet new screens look great..! https://twitter.com/rapidsrpd/status/1459446135731503111?s=21

I cant wait to launch RPDx and the collabs on mobile and go to market.

ok anyone who has any further questions feel free to ask anytime here and i’ll check back. But 6 mins left here today.


Yeah I see. Most RPD in CEX get stucked. Very pricey for the pairing. Most used ERC-20 usdt.

Matt Cimelli

We hope to open up exchanges more very soon.

Matt Cimelli

I’m finished with the pre questions and hope they have been answered to expectations..

Luke $RPD

Thanks Matt Cimelli & Martijn J.

Was quite a few Questions that was answered and I’m sure some of u have peace of mind. The 5 best Questions will receive a reward via linkshare . Thank u all for Participating . Together we are stronger.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this AMA, if you have any other questions, you can always ask us directly on Telegram.

See you soon

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