Rapids Network April 2020 Review

Hello everyone, and welcome to this summary of Rapids Network’s activities for April 2020.

As you probably all know, April marks a big change, it’s the end of Q1 (March 31) to make way for a fresh start in Q2 2020.

Once again this month, Rapids Network has had another busy month in activity, between Easter games, new collaborations, announcements of what Rapids has in mind for the coming weeks and months, our Community has no time to be bored.

Before going into more details, I would like to remind you that if you have any questions about Rapids & Rapids Network, you can join us on the Official Rapids Telegram for our monthly AMA’s organized with the presence of Corey Strong, the founder of Rapids, who will be happy to answer you (April AMA’s took place on the 5th, 19th and 26th, there was no AMA on April 12th, to make way for Easter festivities).

On Thursday, April 2nd, we announced the new features of Rapids 2.0 and how to upgrade your Rapids Wallet 2.0.

The first weekend of this month we were able to attend the Semi-finals of the CoD Mobile Tournament By TeamRPD, giving way to the Grand Final of this tournament the next day, as well as the Match for 3rd place, Congratulations to all participants and the Big Winners.

After a very close vote organized by Staking Rewards, we are now listed on their website since April 10th, you can consult various metrics, calculator, on Staking and Masternodes for Rapids (RPD) and so choose what is the most profitable for you.

Here is the long-awaited moment of this month of April, Easter Sunday, which always delights the little ones, but also the adults. Although we don’t receive Chocolates from Rapids Network, the Team wanted to make us live Easter Festivities in their own way, that is to say by organizing various games on Telegram but also on Twitter, for the great pleasure of the community.

On April 20th, we learn that Rapids Network has surrounded itself with 2 new developers for the imminent launch of Rapids Network 2.0, and announces the next day that the Rapids Wallet 2.0 will be launched and available very soon.

April 24th is undoubtedly the most important moment of this month, we announce a Collaboration between Rapids Network and PolisPay. The cryptocurrency Rapids (RPD) is listed on their App (available on iOS and Android), which gives us new possibilities to use our Rapids (RPD), with various payments via the PolisPay Prepaid Card, but also the purchase of Gift Cards such as: Steam, Netflix, Adidas, Pay your phone subscription … etc, but also exchanges between cryptocurrencies. More information on this article on Medium

And to close this beautiful first month of Spring as it should be, since April 28th we announced on all the Rapids Communities around the world, that on the following Sunday (May 3rd) we will organize the first ‘Rapids World Trivia’, allowing all members of the community to participate, no matter what language is spoken, or the country they are in.

Thus ends April, a page is turned, and we enter May, which will be, I am sure, just as full of emotions and news.

Have a nice week, and see you soon.

See You Soon.

Rapids Network

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