Rapids Network celebrates 3 years - #RapidsTurns3

Hello and welcome everyone!

This month marks another important milestone in the life of Rapids Network and all of its teams, led by Rapids founder Corey Strong. This month marks the 3rd anniversary of the creation of Rapids Network. #RapidsTurns3

For those of you who have been following us for months, or even since the beginning of this beautiful story, as well as all our partners, you know how far we have come since the very beginning.

For all the others, newbies to the community, but also all those interested in the world of Cryptocurrencies, we’re going to give you a brief summary of the biggest advances in Rapids.

But first and foremost, this anniversary is yours! All these events are made possible thanks to you, thanks to your unfailing support, as much on social networks, as on the various communities present on the net. This 3rd anniversary is for you. #RapidsTurns3

End of 2018–2019 in some information:

  • P2PB2B is also a key player in our success, as for more than 2 years you can exchange your Rapids (RPD) on this platform.
  • TipBot are set up on Telegram, Discord, to allow users to exchange Rapids (RPD) directly on these Social Media
  • Use of SWFT to send and share Rapids (RPD) outside of the Rapids Network.
  • Creation of TeamRDP, our e-Sports Team, which over the next few years built strong partnerships and organized a number of events
  • Partnership between Rapids and AirCoins, which is still in place, allowing you to collect Rapids (RPD) anywhere on the globe, just by walking around, using their VR mobile App
  • Integration with SwirlPay, allowing users and holders of Rapids (RPD) to be able to spend them online.
  • A partnership is made with Whooper, who was the first to provide us with a Cold Storage solution for your Rapids (RPD)
  • CoinBelay is set up to keep you informed of everything that transits around the Rapids Universe: Prices, Wallet, Exchanges, Trackers, Businesses, Integrations, Social Networks ….

2019 was undoubtedly a success, Rapids Network has been able to develop its community, building loyalty, creating interest and excitement around a single name: Rapids.

But that’s not all, Rapids Network decided from the start to move out of the Crypto Universe, without losing sight of its objectives. Signing a BOA Partnership with UK Premier League Football team Burnley FC, and then sponsoring Gegard Mousasi, BellatorMMA World Middleweight Champion in his match VS. Rafael Lovato, on June 22, 2019.

And to finish off this incredible debut, we want to share a little anecdote with you. Several times throughout 2019, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing Rapids’ TipBot Channel Name ranked as the #1 most active Channel in the World on Telegram!

Year 2020:

  • Wallet development (Web Wallet & Mobile Wallet) continues to bring new updates, as well as new Cryptocurrencies integrations within them
  • Rapids.Host is officially launched, the cheapest Masternode Hosting platform you can find on the net, as hosting a Masternode on this platform only costs 0.99€ per month, as well as its Hybrid Staking Pool, allowing Rapids (RPD) holders to earn a passive and recurring income on their RPD funds (over the course of the year more Crypto’s will be added for Masternode Hosting, and Staking options)

The year 2020 was far from being a quiet one, we organized a lot of AMA’s, were invited to a lot of AMA’s, had almost weekly games with TeamRPD, the community continued to grow, but the most important element of this year (in addition to the constant development of Rapids Network) was the development of the Ambassador program on a larger scale, allowing the vast majority of internet users around the world to access Rapids Network information and news in their native language.

And here we are in 2021, a very busy year, and it’s not over yet!

  • Development and popularization of LinkShare, offering the possibility to send Rapids (RPD) to anyone in the world, via social media.
  • Presentation of the very first Rapids NFT
  • The TipBot of Telegram and Discord is replaced by Raptic, with many more features.
  • In addition to sports, Rapids became the Official Sponsor of the Short Film category at the 10th annual Carmarthen Bay Film Festival.

There is still a lot to say about what has been accomplished in this adventure, so don’t spoil the fun, you can find more information in our articles on Medium, as well as in real time on Twitter and Telegram.

I just want to share my personal opinion (the author of this article). I was moved a few months ago, facing the altruism of our community, even if we live difficult years our community knows how to show solidarity towards good causes. - SpecialEffect

“On the 2nd weekend of the month, RaptureTV organized a new Open Weekend, by organizing among others, a Streaming hosted by Alex, accompanied by a charity fundraiser for the benefit of the association SpecialEffect. For each Dollar ($) donated, Alex added 5 Minutes to his Live Streaming counter. We managed to raise $530 which was then donated to this British association that supports, helps and accompanies disabled gamers around the world. A big thank you to all of you for your support.”

Now let’s turn to Corey Strong, founder of Rapids Network, we’d like to know how you feel about these first 3 years?

Did you imagine for a moment in early August 2018, before the launch of the Mainnet, that Rapids would experience this rapid success? Or that Rapids would have accomplished so much in its first 3 years?

Any message for Rapids communities around the world?

  • We’re also working towards bringing each and every RPD & BRPD holder added benefits, use cases and rewards for being avid members of the community

What do you foresee for the months and perhaps years ahead?

Rapids in a few figures:

  • 15K+ followers on Twitter
  • 100+ Groups using Raptic
  • 15 Ambassadors in charge of sharing information in various languages across the globe

But Rapids it’s also

  • A Staking Hybrid Pool
  • Streaming & Gaming Service
  • A dedicated Social Network
  • Simple and secure payments via LinkShare

And finally Rapids Network is: ‘Alone we are Strong, but All together we are Stronger’.



Decentralised Blockchain At Your Fingertips ©️ Developing an ecosystem for global adoption… Deploy, Trade, Crowdfund your digital assets #NFTs #BAYF #LinkShare

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Rapids Network

Decentralised Blockchain At Your Fingertips ©️ Developing an ecosystem for global adoption… Deploy, Trade, Crowdfund your digital assets #NFTs #BAYF #LinkShare