Rapids Network February 2020 Review

In the month of February Rapids has once again had great moments, and the most outstanding is undoubtedly the final of the Champions League of the Altcoins 2020.

To start with, going back to 31 January, The Crypto Hero announced the semi-finals of the Champions League of The Altcoins 2020, where the Rapids community had to face the ECA electra community, after 1 week of voting, and after 734 votes, Rapids won its place in the final with 71.4% of the votes received in our favour.

To begin this little listing of February (February is a little month haha), here is a little off-topic information, 02 February 2020 was a Palindrome day, which means that the date can be read in both directions: 02.02.2020–0202.20.20 — a little wink for lovers of quirks with numbers and dates (next Palindrome date 12 February 2021)

On the same day, our friends from Outreach Community, which works in the shadows and contributes enormously to the life of the Rapids Community, posted its first Tweet

On 3 February , the voting competition to be listed on Atomars Trading starts, and ends 2 weeks later, unfortunately Rapids finished in the Top 5, and only the first place could be listed on the exchange, thanks to all of you for your support.

On 5 February, we announced that you can now host your Rapids (RPD) Masternodes on FlitsNode, and receive passive income from your Masternode.

The following weekend, we inform the community of Rapids Roadmap update, and share the info massively on social networks:

  • Rapids Network 2.0
  • 5 Billion coins burn
  • Tipbot Rebrand
  • Mobile Wallet

On Monday 10 February, Rapids was the guest of an AMA event held on the Channel Telegram Masternode Turkey.

13 February is the most important day of Rapids for this month, it’s the beginning of a long week that will define who will be the winner of the Champions League of The Altcoins 2020. From memory, the first days were tough for Rapids, facing Ripple, we had a gully in terms of % between Rapids and Ripple, they dominated the votes with almost 70% of the voters in their favor, but quickly we mobilized all the Rapids community on Telegram, social networks, and around the world, to reduce this lateness as much as possible.

Then came the last day of voting, we are still a few points behind Ripple, but we are holding on, the more time passes, the closer the gap gets, but it is on 20 February that the knell fell, the votes are closed, Ripple won this Championship, with 51% of the votes, and Rapids finished second with 49%. But for us, this is not a sad news, we may not have won versus Ripple (which is the 3rd most powerful cryptocurrency in the crypto markets), but we know that we can count on all the Rapids communities, they did a huge job, and seeing the final result, only 51% of the voters are in favour of Ripple, this shows us how strong and united our community is, together we can accomplish great things, even against the powerful in the world of cryptocurrencies.

We all keep moving forward together, and on the last Sunday of the month (23 February) the CoD Mobile Tournament by TeamRPD took place, with a live broadcast on TeamRPD’s Twitch TV channel, we could see players surpassing themselves, and offer a great show, congratulations to the 9 winners who shared a prize of 500 000 RPD.

The following Monday, Rapids is available on TigerForum

On 28 February, Rapids announces that there is now a verified account on MeWe social network.

And to finish this month of February in style, we are in a leap year, which means that all the people who staked their RPD on the various sites accepting this cryptocurrency, benefited from an extra day of staking reward (compared to the previous year, and the next one), Congratulations to all of you.

We have come to the end of this busy month, see you soon with more news and updates from Rapids.

Thank you all for your support

See You Soon.

Rapids Network

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