Rapids Network - January 2021 Review

Rapids Network
3 min readFeb 4, 2021

Hello everyone!

Welcome in this new year, rich in projects, new products but above all in emotions!

More and more of you are joining Rapids Network, and we are extremely grateful to you. Thanks to you, we can accomplish great things, and your support is what motivates us to always surpass ourselves!

After an extremely busy year in 2020 (you can find last year’s retrospective on this link), this year promises to be even busier!

What certainly marks this first month is the announcement of the Mercury Protocol. What will drastically change Rapids Network, and especially its future, here is in a few words what we are preparing for you: (You will find more information on our Medium article)

  • Creation, deployment and issuing of RPD-T Tokens
  • RPDX, the NFT Token for Rapids Network
  • Creation of Rapids Network Collectibles
  • And much more

The new Rapids Chain will also bring its share of modifications, such as :

  • Supply will decrease from 30 Billion RPD to 30 Million RPD, or 1000:1.
  • Staking and Block Rewards will also be reduced by 1000, to 1.7835 RPD per 60-second block.
  • Etc …

This month of January was also a great month for Rapids’ newest Streaming and Gaming Platform, RaptureTv, we offered you 3 Public Test Sessions, as well as 1 Live Streaming, to show you what RaptureTv is, and how you can use it.

This next-generation platform, aims to break the codes established by other platforms, by offering a greater share of remuneration on the revenue of Ads, to Streamers, i.e. 70%. BUT most of all the opportunity ALSO for viewers to earn money! Never seen before in the Streaming & Gaming industry

On January 5th, we published a video showing you how to use Rapids.World, the Rapids Network Social Network, each action allows you to earn ‘Reputation’ (REP) and each month end, the people who have accumulated the most reputation points, and in accordance with the Perks Program, these members win RPD, as well as the chance for one of these members to win the equivalent of 50$ in RPD!

To be eligible for the Rapids Perks Program, you must have at least 1 Million RPD in Staking on Rapids.Host, or host a Masternode on the same platform.

For our German friends, take a look at this really interesting video that introduces Rapids Network to perfection, as well as RaptureTv — the part about Rapids Network starts at 15:52 minutes.

Since the end of January, we can count on the arrival of 2 new members in the Rapids team:

See you next month, to present you everything that will be unveiled to you and all the activity of Rapids for the month of February 2021.

See you Soon

Rapids Network

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  1. https://www.rapidsnetwork.io/
  2. https://t.me/RapidsOfficial
  3. https://rapids.host/
  4. https://rapids.world/
  5. https://rapture.tv/



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