Rapids Network July & August 2020 Review

Hello, Good morning/evening to all!

Friends, members of the Rapids Network community, regular readers of our articles, new members, and everyone else. First of all, I would like to apologize for not providing you with the Rapids activity summary for July & August 2020, I was away for a few weeks from the Crypto universe, but I’m back.

In this article I will present everything that has happened during the last 2 months for Rapids Network and Rapids (RPD), changing also the presentation, I won’t make a date by date listing anymore, but I will present to you the events in a less ‘listing’ way.

These 2 months were loaded in News and Actualities, if we had to retain 4 of the most important (it is difficult to choose them, so much the news abounds in all the senses), here are those which marked us:


August :

For the month of July, we also have some other nice surprises in store for you.

It’s since July 22nd, 2020, that you can download on your store (Android and iOS) the Rapids Mobile Wallet, the result of long months of work and regularly updated to offer you always more security and features.

What is Rapids World?

The Rapids Network Social Network. Far from being a simple social network, you can join dedicated groups, join multilingual communities, participate in the development of Rapids, share your ideas, and much more … Every action makes you gain reputation, and this reputation can earn you some RPD! The social aspect, serving the community, while being rewardedhttps://rapids.world/

Continuing with this superb month of August!

For Rapids Network’s Second Anniversary on August 23rd and all the following week, we regaled you with Games, Quizzes, Trivias, Giveaways, Mystery Hunt, millions of RPD distributed with Linkshare

We would like to thank you, all of you, for your continued support, your involvement in the community, thanks to you we can accomplish more and more things, and much more will be put in place in the months to come.

Do not hesitate to join us on Telegram, to ask your questions, and to learn more about Rapids Network, and all the services we offer.

See you soon.
Rapids Network

Thank you all for your continued support to the network.

Join us on:


  1. https://www.rapidsnetwork.io/
  2. https://t.me/RapidsOfficial
  3. https://www.rapidsexplorer.com/
  4. https://twitter.com/RapidsRPD
  5. https://rapids.host/
  6. https://rapids.world/



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