Rapids Network — March 2021 Review

Rapids Network
4 min readApr 7, 2021

Hello everyone, and welcome to another retrospective of everything that’s been happening in the Rapids ecosystem.

This time, let’s focus on the news from March.

The month of March is :

  • Good weather is back
  • Temperatures rising again
  • Springtime
  • Flowers budding, birds singing, etc

The 8th of March is one of the most important moments of this MONTH, if not of the YEAR! International Women’s Day.

Every day, women are gaining more and more power and presence, and the most representative country is Iceland. The country where the % of women involved in politics and government is the highest in the world, it is also the country where equal pay for men and women is the most respected, followed by Norway, Sweden, Finland, Nicaragua, Rwanda, New Zealand… We thank all these countries that bring more and more importance to women, as well as Rapids, which wishes to commemorate this important day, and which in turn empowers women, because they too have the right to make decisions to move things forward. A big thank you to Lisa, Milly and so many others who work for the Network every day.

Here’s what’s been happening on the Rapids Network front:

At the beginning of the month, Rapids introduced the newest member of its team: Stijn Van Den Bulck, who is in charge of the marketing part of Outreach.

For Call of Duty Mobile fans, every month we remind you that TeamRPD, Rapidse-Sports team, organizes its ‘Monthly CoD Mobile Tournament’, if you want to participate in the next edition, feel free to join TeamRPD on Telegram.

You can now exchange your Rapids (RPD) on FreiExchange, with the pair RPD/BTC

March is also the end of Q1 and the beginning of Q2, with big things planned for you:


  • The month is off to a good start, with the listing of a new cryptocurrency, Phore (PHR) on the Masternode hosting platform & hybrid Staking pool Rapids.Host
  • But there are also 2 Airdrops during the month of March: 150 BitcoinToken (BTCT) were distributed to each member who had generated their BTCT address, as well as 3.84 Phore (PHR). The only condition to be eligible for these Airdrops, and all the next ones to come, is to host at least 1 RPD Masternode on Rapids.Host, which is the platform that offers the cheapest Masternode hosting service on the market, and that costs you only 0.99 EUR per month, for an average gain between 7000 and 8000 RPD daily.
  • Rapids.Host is also hosting a weekly lottery, every Wednesday, the transaction address closest to 8PM UTC wins 250,000 RPD (must have at least 1 Masternode RPD to be eligible)
  • And finally, Rapids.Host has more than 480 RPD Masternodes hosted on the platform, 450 milestone was reached on March 17.


This new generation platform that rewards not only Streamers, but also Viewers, has offered you a new ‘Open Weekend’, to let you test all the features (and new features) of Rapture.TV during the second weekend of the month.

As you can see, all the Rapids Network teams and communities are working hard to bring you more and more new things, new events, and most of all, a good time!

What’s in store for you in April? More info on NFT & NFT Designer and much more …

See you Soon

Rapids Network

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