Rapids Network - November 2021 Review

  • We’ve just left the scary holidays of Halloween
  • We’re starting to slowly prepare for Christmas
  • RoadMap
  • NFT/NFT Design
  • Mobile Staking for your Rapids (RPD)
  • PancakeSwap, BRPD, Binance Smart Chain …
  • Liquidity Provider
  • and much more …
  • The Bridge allowing you to convert your Rapids (RPD) to Wrapped Rapids (BRPD), and vice versa, was under maintenance, to bring you more security and stability. To allow you to use more and more of your Rapids (RPD) on all Binance Smart Chain dApps.
  • Launch of RPDx TestNet
  • And best of all, the opening of the RPD Masternode Holder Vote on the 1,000,000 RPD Burn question.
  • Our Monthly AMA
  • Result of the Vote for the Coin Burn
  • White Paper, Roadmap
  • and much more …



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Rapids Network

Rapids Network


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