Rapids Network - November 2021 Review

Hello everyone! And welcome to this new Monthly Review of what’s been happening at Rapids Network for the month of November 2021

What is November?

  • We’ve just left the scary holidays of Halloween

The weather is changing, the days are getting shorter, the night is getting longer and longer, for the happiness of children and adults, because it also announces the arrival of the Snow and the Christmas Villages are growing like mushrooms.

Who saysSnow’, also saysAvalanche’. So for the past month, Rapids Network has not spared you with an avalanche of news and announcements.

Let’s start with our Monthly AMA which took place on Telegram on November 1st, you can find it here. https://t.me/RapidsOfficial/279080

It was about :

  • RoadMap

Since the beginning of the month, the Rapids teams can count on the presence of a new member in the Core Team. Martijn Jansen, with an experience of more than 13 years in web and blockchain development, we can count on his skills to bring something new to Rapids Network and its entire ecosystem.

Throughout the month, Airdrop of Wrapped Rapids (BRPD) have been distributed (on November 6th, 12th and 20th) to all Liquidity Providers (LP) who own BRPD on Pancake Swap. Would you like to know how you can become a Liquidity Provider (LP)? We invite you to consult these 2 articles explaining the steps to follow to join the movement.

The weekend of November 12–14 was very important for the future, a series of 5 major announcements were made:

On November 28, we were pleased to discover this article published by BitCourier UKRapids Network rolls out Updates to Improve its Blockchain Ecosystem” which you can read here.

Finally, to end the month on a high note

  • The Bridge allowing you to convert your Rapids (RPD) to Wrapped Rapids (BRPD), and vice versa, was under maintenance, to bring you more security and stability. To allow you to use more and more of your Rapids (RPD) on all Binance Smart Chain dApps.

What’s coming up in December?

  • Our Monthly AMA

Thank you all for your support of all the Rapids Network Communities around the world. Without you and your commitment, none of this would be possible.

You should be proud of yourselves. You are all an essential and important member of this community, never forget that.



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