Rapids Network Q1 Update

Rapids Network
2 min readMar 15, 2021

Network Development

The interest surrounding Rapids is growing. We’re seeing an exciting daily increase in Network activities such as daily transactions, new masternodes being set up and of course as you may have noticed on the markets as we see RPD reach a yearly high in price and volume.

The first quarter of the year has also seen our team really involved around the Development and testing of the reduction and block rewards restructure update, otherwise known as Rapids 4.0, This will also pave the way for the Networks Mercury Protocol future update.

Rapids Wallet

We’re working with a 3rd party issuer who will be providing Rapids our Epay debit card purchases and other funding methods within Rapids Wallet allowing you to spend RPD at over 40 million retailers worldwide. This integration will provide users with an in app RPD/Voucher purchases for the big brand such as Amazon, Netflix, Steam and 100s more.


Rapids have been discussing the production and prototypes of future NFT’s with some highly skilled designers, who have already started work and completed some designs which we’ll be promoting very soon! The Rapids Collectable NFT’s and game collectables will be deployed on the Rapids Network.

Rapids Network are creating an NFT ecosystem to bring our network users closer together, by offering NFT’s to certain members along with our marketplace to trade. Some of the key roles in the network are below with more to follow as continue to grow, deploy our token chain (RPD-T) and partner key projects.

  • RPD Masternode Holders will receive a unique non transferrable NFT which will host benefits such as receiving LTD edition NFT collectables and airdrops to the holder which of course can then be traded on marketplace. Masternodes will have to be active during a snapshot of a certain block, (Block undisclosed) more info to follow.
  • The first 100 beta.rapure.tv Streamers to reach 2000 followers will have an unique NFT designed in their image receiving 2/5 of those collectables for themselves.
  • Projects which deploy on RPD-T and create an x number of addresses, users and run for a certain period of time will also benefit from founders NFTs and this will lead to further chosen NFTs for their project and community.

Rapids Host

RapidsHosting & Hybrid Staking Pool begun their latest campaign of listing new projects into the Host ecosystem offering communities the chance to vote to list their favorite alternative projects.

Some of the latest Projects listed are:

  • BareCoin (Bare)
  • BitcoinToken (BTCT)
  • Phore (PHR)

Airdrops are rewarded of the newly listed coins/tokens to RPD Masternode holders when hosting theirs with https://rapids.host

See you soon

Rapids Network



Rapids Network

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