Rapids Network Update!

  • Reduce of RPD supply from 30,000,000,000 to 30,000,000 RPD a 1000/1 Ratio.
  • Block rewards to be reduced to 1.7835 RPD per 60 second block, the equivalent to half the networks current block rewards.
  • Removal of Sub-Satoshi trading from all exchanges.
  • 20% Staking
  • 60% Masternodes
  • 20% Network & Development
  • Allowing the creation, deployment and issuing of RPD-T tokens upon the Rapids Network.
  • RPD-T deployment fee and transaction fees are to be both payable in RPD.
  • RPDX, Rapids Networks NFT token will be deployed as an RPD-T token and tethered to the price of 1 RPD, both of which will be interchangeable with each other through an in app bridge.
  • Creation of Rapids Network collectibles upon the RPDX token.
  • Marketplace allowing purchasing and trading of RPDX collectibles and other RPD-T tokens.
  • The Rapture Crowdsale will go live early 2021 on kickstarter.com offering rewards in return for multiple choices of investment into the platform.
  • Rapture mobile applications to be developed for iOS and Android after a successful CrowdSale.
  • Implementation of RPD as a tipping system, as a way to tip streamers and reward viewers.
  • The First 100 Verified members to reach 2,000 followers on Rapture will have their own RPDX collectibles designed in their image and receive a percentage of the supply.
  • Increasing the number of coins supported on both Smart pools & Masternode hosting.
  • Possibility of integrating DeFi Staking into Rapids.Host
  • RPD Masternode holders who host their Node with Rapids.Host will earn airdrops from newly listed coins/tokens.
  • Enabling RPD as a funding source.
  • Integration of BTC (Possibility of LinkShare capabilities)
  • Integration of RPDX and all future RPD-T tokens deployed on the Rapids Network.
  • Reduction in fee percentage when sending a LinkShare other than RPD but paying the fee in RPD.
  • ETH Integration with support for Tokens created on the Ethereum Network.




Decentralised Blockchain At Your Fingertips ©️ Developing an ecosystem for global adoption… Deploy, Trade, Crowdfund your digital assets #NFTs #BAYF #LinkShare

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Rapids Network

Rapids Network

Decentralised Blockchain At Your Fingertips ©️ Developing an ecosystem for global adoption… Deploy, Trade, Crowdfund your digital assets #NFTs #BAYF #LinkShare

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