#RapidsHalloween, Events, Fun, Fright & Crypto

Hello everyone, and welcome to this new edition of #RapidsHalloween

For this 4th edition, the whole Rapids Team has gathered to offer you once again pleasant moments, in joy and conviviality, without forgetting … to scare you.

Halloween, an ancestral Celtic festival dating back more than 2 millennia, originally called “Samain Festival”, celebrated the end of the harvest, the beginning of winter, but above all the darkening days.

According to their customs, on the evening of Halloween, all the members of a community had to gather around a fire (on pain of the ultimate punishment of death), in the center of the Village, because it is precisely on this night that the dead could join the world of the living for a few hours. The children would place sweets outside the halo of light provided by the fire, to satisfy and appease the spirits.

To continue this tradition, we want to bring you together (virtually) as part of the Rapids family. With thousands of members around the world, we’ll be hosting games for you. There will be something for everyone.

The great thing about this party is that we can be whoever we want to be, no need to wear our hair down, no need to follow a dress code, we can be :

  • a Victorian Vampire
  • a Super Hero
  • a Clown
  • a Prince/Princess, Queen/King
  • a Zombie
  • a Human Led Light
  • or even, let’s be crazy … death itself.
  • The festivities will start on October 30th, 8am UTC.

We’ll meet you on the Rapids Discord channel and Telegram to participate in the ‘WordFindorganized by Lisa.

  • Then the ‘SCARIEST Short Story Contest’ will start at Noon UTC.

You will then have 36 hours to send to Chriss (via Telegram) your most horrible, scary story (limit yourself to 300 words or so), give him nightmares, he deserves it.

Chriss will then be in charge of making a first selection of stories, the most original, the most frightening, which will then be submitted to the Rapids Team, who will decide on the 2 best stories. The winners will receive their reward via LinkShare. Chriss will also nominate a 3rd winner (the story that made him the most chilling) who will also receive his reward via LinkShare.

  • See you at the end of the day, at 7pm UTC.

Matt will organize a ‘Meme Constest’ on RapidsWorld, the Social Network created by and for Rapids (remember to sign up by asking Milly for the invitation link).

After so many emotions and scares, we will try to rest a little, to give you another appointment the next day, October 31.

  • The first of the 2 games of the day will be a ‘Halloween Pictionnary’ at 6pm UTC, composed of 2 teams, whose captains will be Luke and Milly. Choose your ‘Halloween Rapids Leader’ carefully, the survival of your soul is at stake! HAHAHAHAHAH
  • To finish these celebrations, feel free to join us for a ‘Halloween Trivia’ hosted by Stuart, at 9pm UTC

The end of the Trivia, will also signify the end of theSCARIEST Short Story Contest’, whose 3 winning stories will be announced a few days later. For the record, the 2 best stories will be posted in an article on Rapids’ Medium account.

As you can see, we are here to protect you from evil spirits looking to torment you, within the Rapids Family, during these holidays we ask you to be creative, to make your imagination come alive, as they say “Sky is the Limit”.

Join us on Telegram for more info, and more details for each event.

All prizes will be paid in Rapids (RPD) and only on Telegram

Support Rapids, change you avatar, to this funny pics :)




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Decentralised Blockchain At Your Fingertips ©️ Developing an ecosystem for global adoption… Deploy, Trade, Crowdfund your digital assets #NFTs #BAYF #LinkShare

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