Raptic Hits ATH!

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3 min readFeb 12, 2022

A multi platform TipBot developed by Rapids! Now integrated in over 200 groups across Telegram and Discord with an exciting increase of 100% in the last few months. Rapids continues to develop and introduce more great features including the all new efficient Rapids bridge to Binance Smart Chain last month offering you an effortless swap to our wrapped token bRPD and back again. Check it out just type “/bridge brpd” or “/bridge rpd” .

Up and coming weekly LP rewards campaign for March

Don’t know how to START YOUR RAPTIC?!

That’s easy…

To do this, on Telegram, type in the search bar “@RapticBot” and for Discord just search for “Rapticbot”.

Step by step:

  • Click or type to “/start”
  • “/register” with Raptic to receive your unique RPD deposit address
  • To access all the features, type the command “/help”
  • You are now ready to use Raptic

Let’s take a look at some of its many features:

The “/tip”, “/rain” and “/lucky” functions allow you to share and motivate your community whilst sharing some RPD, whether its rewarding or to increase activity it’s always a lot of fun and easy with Raptic.

Rapids as you know was one of the first to develop the revolutionary LinkShare technology and to go one step ahead we integrated “/linkshare” creation into Raptic with which you can generate a partial payment directly from the Bot which is claimable via the Rapids Mobile Wallet.

As a reminder, a Linkshare is a simple url that you can send to anyone on the medium you prefer: Mail, SMS, Social Networks, Social Media

LinkShare technology on Rapids Wallet, share assets via a link to anywhere in a few clicks.

Have Friends with a group?

Another feature, and not the least! You have often requested it, and now you can take advantage of it… Create your own referral link with the command “/referral” (if you change your @handle, you must generate a new referral link, your previous handle being obsolete) You can view at any time the number of people who have joined Raptic via your personal link with the command /”myreferral”.

Rapids Network have designed a unique Raptic NFT which will be distributed to qualifying group owners that have integrated Raptic.

Meet Raptic pictured on the up and coming Ltd Edition NFT
  • Holding a Raptic NFT is like having an “NFT dividend” ; holders will receive a share of fees accumulated by Raptic.
  • Scarce and surprise airdrops are made which can then be held, sold, or used in some way.
  • Rewards can themselves go up in value.
  • Raptic NFT will eventually be locked to blockchain addresses and only holders of the NFT will receive Raptic NFT Dividends.

To finish off…

To date, Raptic offers its features to almost 32,000 members in over 200 groups globally (31,337 on Telegram, 382 on Discord) & (201 on Telegram, 11 on Discord)

Are you looking for a Bot for your community? To energize it ? Raptic Bot has everything you need to have fun!!



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