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6 min readOct 29, 2021

Our team is continuously working on new products and strategies in an effort to reward you for the continued support. Rapids has a number of developments ongoing; the RPDx Token Protocol, Raptic, Rapids Wallet, to name a few.

Update on RPD Bridge to BSC & Integration of BSC to Rapids Wallet

Reminder, as of May 31st of this year, a Bridge was set up between Rapids and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), allowing you to convert your Rapids (RPD) to Wrapped RPD (BRPD), at a ratio of 1:1, for use on all BSC dApps. We continue to evaluate the position of BRPD and seek opportunities on BSC including staking pools and farming.

The BSC integration to Rapids Wallet has been put on hold until further notice. The reason for this is that we feel it brings no additional use case at this time for RPD. Instead we are motivated and focused on further developing the Rapids blockchain. More details below…


Development will also be put on hold until further notice and instead we’ll be actively sourcing partners and or other platforms whereby Raptic can be integrated for their streamers and viewers to make use of.

RPDx Layer

Q2 2021 Rapids Network successfully launched Rapids 4.0 (Part 1) which included the ratio 1000:1 coin supply reduction, block reward restructure and some optimisations to the desktop wallet in readiness for RPDx.

What’s next for Rapids Network?!

Part 2 includes the much anticipated launch of RPDx and in addition to this the Rapids dApp giving our community the real “Blockchain At Your Fingertips” experience. For example:

  • RPDx, the software layer for creating and trading custom digital assets and currencies.
  • Defi Trading of RPDx and RPD
  • Games such as RPD lotto, NFT Raffles and more are planned to be released Q1 2022.

We aim to be running testnet for RPDx within 2–3 weeks with a potential launch by the end of Q4.

The First RPDx Layer transaction. UI/UX is currently under development.

NFT Introduction

April 2021, Rapids recruited their first NFT artist Samantha Haeffele (Looney Mascot), an American Artist & Industrial Designer, with an incredible background including a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and a history working as a Pattern Design at Realtree.

Samantha has been working behind the scenes for a few months now creating our first edition NFT game which will see RPD holders from all over the world competing against each other, creating new marketing opportunities and of course bringing another exciting use case for RPD. Expected release Q1 2022.

For Example: The Fire NFT Edition (an in-game NFT)

50% of RPD used to purchase this particular will be burnt… Will you be contributing to the next RPD burn by hodling one of the hottest cards in the game?!

NFTs have a huge impact in how business is done in the crypto industry. They have become a great tool for spreading product awareness and developing brand loyalty. At Rapids, we always strive to do things differently. Rapids will be working with partners on creating real use cases for tokens which in return brings a massive increase in use cases for the RPD. For example ticketing systems, memorabilia, fan tokens, raising awareness of events. We believe with Rapids’ team of several Ambassadors sourcing new partners alike across the globe we anticipate an explosive growth for use on the Network.

This leads us on to the Limited Edition Rapids Network…

Rapids’ own deployed NFTs are embedded with utilities related to our product family and partnerships. From staking to surprise use cases that haven’t been explored by anyone else in the industry. Some NFTs will be extremely scarce and difficult to obtain, while others will only be available to the most active members of our community.


A multi platform TipBot developed by Rapids, growing more and more popular each day. We have passed the milestone of 100 group integrations across Telegram and Discord. Rapids Network is proud of Raptic’s development so far. Rapids continues to develop, introduce more great features and integrate into many more social and gaming platforms.

Rapids Network have designed a unique Raptic NFT which will be distributed to qualifying group owners that have integrated Raptic. Terms to qualify will be announced very soon.

  • Holding a Raptic NFT is like having an “NFT dividend” ; holders will receive a share of fees accumulated by Raptic.
  • Scarce and surprise airdrops are made which can then be held, sold, or used in some way.
  • Rewards can themselves go up in value.

What better time…?!

…To be a Blockchain Validator or as we refer to them as our Masternode holders the backbone of the network in return receiving RPD block rewards for their contribution but now they will also receive a Validator NFT which will indeed have benefits like Raptic but more frequently. After all, they are doing an excellent job of assisting our blockchain keeping it fast and secure. We look forward to dropping yours… To receive you MUST host a full node and use Rapids Host for validity and contact purposes. (not staking 10k in the smart pool).

Rapids Wallet

Rapids Network continues to develop and make improvements to features. We have taken the decision to delist $DAPPS & $PRCY coins and concentrate on developing the real experience of Blockchain At Your Fingertips for the Rapids $RPD community.

  • Q1 2022 you will see the ability to create Linkshares with multi claims (one Link shared between x amount of claimants)
  • RPDx NFT Gallery
  • dApp integration
  • Staking with instant withdrawals
  • Bridge to and from Binance Smart Chain
  • UI/UX Improvements
  • Linkshare NFTs (sending of NFTs via a link) #GameChanger

Rapids Host

A Multi-Coin Masternode hosting & Smart staking platform, creating new partnerships and revenue for the Network. Starting Q1 2022 Rapids will be burning 50% of $RPD earned from fees on Rapids.Host. The burn will occur once a month and coins will be sent RPD dedicated burn address: burnXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXWrcyQK.


Our Team

Rapids Network will be restructuring and recruiting new roles over the next few months.

Rapids Website

Rapidsnetwork.io is undergoing a full revamp with an updated roadmap which is set to be released this quarter.

First Look… Draft of new website.

Thanks for taking the time to read the latest goings on and we hope to discuss in more detail with you in one of our community groups.

You didn’t just wake up, your dreams just changed a gear!

Let’s finish with a statement from Rapids’ Founder Corey on his departure from the Network.

I’ve come to a very hard and emotional conclusion that I will be stepping down as the lead role of Rapids Network. This is something I haven’t took lightly and still wish for the Network to succeed in what is set out in its path.

I’ll continue to support the team when possible with advice, marketing assistance and will continue to stake & hold the RPD I’ve acquired over the past 3 years.

We are pleased to announce the return of Matt to the Rapids Core Team. He will be replacing Corey and will be in charge of overseeing current and future projects.

Network Wallets

Since Corey has handed project leadership on, there will be a changeover of the distribution, team and development wallets and you may witness a change of address for these on the explorer. Be assured we will keep you updated and label the addresses as it happens.



Rapids Network

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