RPD Network Update

Update on RPD Bridge to BSC & Integration of BSC to Rapids Wallet


RPDx Layer

What’s next for Rapids Network?!

  • RPDx, the software layer for creating and trading custom digital assets and currencies.
  • Defi Trading of RPDx and RPD
  • Games such as RPD lotto, NFT Raffles and more are planned to be released Q1 2022.
The First RPDx Layer transaction. UI/UX is currently under development.

NFT Introduction

For Example: The Fire NFT Edition (an in-game NFT)

This leads us on to the Limited Edition Rapids Network…


  • Holding a Raptic NFT is like having an “NFT dividend” ; holders will receive a share of fees accumulated by Raptic.
  • Scarce and surprise airdrops are made which can then be held, sold, or used in some way.
  • Rewards can themselves go up in value.

What better time…?!

Rapids Wallet

  • Q1 2022 you will see the ability to create Linkshares with multi claims (one Link shared between x amount of claimants)
  • RPDx NFT Gallery
  • dApp integration
  • Staking with instant withdrawals
  • Bridge to and from Binance Smart Chain
  • UI/UX Improvements
  • Linkshare NFTs (sending of NFTs via a link) #GameChanger

Rapids Host


Our Team

Rapids Website

First Look… Draft of new website.

Network Wallets



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Rapids Network

Rapids Network


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