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3 min readApr 14, 2022

In the blockchain world, you often hear the word ‘token’ or ‘coin’ talked about… But what is a token and how are they different from coin?

A coin is used on their own blockchain, so like Bitcoin is used on the Bitcoin blockchain, Rapids coin is used on the Rapids Network.

Tokens, on the other hand are much different, as they are created and used on an existing blockchain. Tokens are generally assets that can represent proof of ownership or even membership.

So, if you are thinking about blockchain technology and its possibilities it holds for you please read on. Whether this is to facilitate utility or maybe proof of ownership commonly used for some unique digital art known as an NFT (non-fungible token), but coding or the complicated culture in the space is proving to be a barrier Rapids is bringing a solution. Bringing a unique accessible user experience to the market, Rapids will be more approachable for everyone to using blockchain, why? Because we know how it felt when faced with the daunting prospect of tokenizing your assets. Creating a token will never be so easy….

Since 2017 Launchpads were created to promote new projects, create new tokens but above all to allow a larger number of people to be able to discover promising, ambitious and support new exciting start ups.

The Rapids Launchpad will offer you the solution to create new tokens and deploy within minutes onto the Rapids blockchain or you can choose to utilize our decentralized crowdfunding section which will come with multiple powerful features to assist you with your start up on one of the most secure, decentralized blockchains as everything is on chain peer to peer without the need for any third party input. (can’t disclose features until launch).

More about digital art (NFTs) You will be able to deploy your art directly on the Rapids Blockchain. Within a few clicks you can share and list your NFT with a large community of members around the world via our marketplace or instead just deploy and send to your awaiting fans.

Another interesting point, as we announced in our previous article ‘Rapids Royalties’, once you have sold your NFT, you will earn a % royalty each time your NFT is resold, all this in an unlimited way.

Want to utilize Crowdfunding feature?! Most projects need funding, and the easiest way to access this liquidity is to raise funds. This is where the Rapids Launchpad comes in handy with many exciting features coming your way very soon.

Want to get in early? You will be able to discover a list of projects for which you can be apart of, according to your feelings, the seriousness of the project, its durability…

You will be able to invest with your Rapids our native blockchain coin (RPD) in projects that you believe in.

We will never stop reminding you that any investment, whatever it may be, involves risks, so only invest what you can afford to lose. Do your own research before making an investment, don’t be influenced by anyone, the decision must be yours and it must be well thought out.


Rapids is like Bitcoin, but on steroids! Ecosystem built for everyone. The power of the Blockchain at your fingertips … that’s what Rapids Network strives to make possible every day.

More details will be revealed in the coming weeks



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