The Year So Far!

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3 min readApr 11, 2022

2022 is in full swing and for Rapids’ new developments we are edging closer for release. The Quote, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” comes to mind, it takes time to create great work, and that while you cannot expect success to come right away, it will be achieved with continued persistence.

Many things have been initiated since the first of January, including the development of Rapids Explorer, Launchpad, integration of features and further stress testing of RPDx on the Rapids Blockchain and who can forget Raptic, introducing him to many established communities…

Raptic Hits ATH!

As a reminder, in the first quarter of 2022 we saw a massive growth in the uses of Raptic in different Telegram and Discord servers. In January we could count Raptic used in 201 groups with nearly 30,000 users. At the end of March Raptic was used by more than 37,000 people in 228 groups (Telegram and Discord combined)

What about bRPD?!

Since the beginning of this year we have improved the Rapids Bridge which allows you to convert your Rapids (RPD) to Wrapped RPD (bRPD) and use them on Binance Chain dApps. We have also integrated it with Raptic (our Tipbot) on Telegram and Discord.

To stimulate community interest in bRPD and to allow us to develop new opportunities for the use of Wrapped Rapids (bRPD), we are continuing until further notice to reward the largest Liquidity Providers (LP) in the bRPD/BNB and bRPD/BUSD pools whilst actively reaching out to third party BSC platforms for further integration for our bRPD token. Although this isn’t a main priority, we listened and agree that exposure on BSC will ultimately attract its users to RPD when we start releasing products.

Developments Ongoing…

The new explorer will be foundation for a host of future features that are set to be released with the RPDx mainnet. The launch of new explorer is a huge deal for the ecosystem and we are very excited to be sharing the development progress with you. This is what you can expect if the upcoming stages:

  • (v2) Rebranding of the all new Rapids Explorer
  • (v2.1) Enables testnet for RPDx layer
  • (v2.2) Launch of the Lite Marketplace that enables buying of tokens and NFT projects and the enabling of RPDx mainnet
  • (v2.3) Ticketing & Partner feature launch

This month you will see the release of the Rapids Launchpad which is launched with the latest RPDx testnet and it will allow you to deploy test assets and be able to view them on Explorer v2.1 and provide to us any feedback on our developments so far.

Please take a second to read our other publications for a more in depth on RPDx and its features, Raptic Bot, Rapids Explorer and Launchpad which is due within the next few days.



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