Update Rapids v2.0 Core Wallet

We at the Rapids Network have just released the Update to our new Core Wallet — Rapids v2.0, it’s very important to download the updated core as soon as possible. This new version is fully operational to host the new Consensus which will arrive May 22nd, when the chain reaches Block 793850.

  • New Consensus

And on top of that, this new Wallet is completely redesigned, a much clearer interface, easier navigation, and the colors are in line with the new Rapids Logo Design.

We have also put online a short video showing you quickly how to install it (or reinstall it, if you already have the old version).

Here is the link to download it (according to your operating system). The first thing to do (during the synchronization with the network) will be to create a Back-Up, don’t skip this step, it’s very important, then you’ll just have to be patient until the Synchronization is completed. If your v1 wallet was already fully synchronized your balance should be available straight away.

You can now fully enjoy this new Wallet, doing everything you did with the old version as well as added features

For those of you who have RPD on Staking and Masternode pool websites and platforms, you don’t have to worry, these sites will automatically update their Wallets to ensure you always have a better experience when using their services. We will notify users if an Exchange or hosting site is not compliant of the consensus update allowing time to move your RPD to an alternative location.

Feel free to leave us feedback in the comments on what you think of the wallet, If you have any questions feel free to reach on Telegram @rapidsofficial we’ll be happy to answer your queries.

Thank you all for your continued support to the network.

Stay Safe.

Rapids Network

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