Use your Rapids (RPD) on Binance Smart Chain

MetaMask, add-on from your favorite Browser:

  • Once you are on MetaMask, we ask you to go to the top right, and click on the Sphere
  • Then scroll down and click on ‘Settings
  • In the Settings list, scroll down and click on the second to last ‘Networks
  • At the bottom of the window, click on ‘Add Network
  • In the Network Name, write : Smart Chain BNB
  • In New RPC URL, write:
  • In Chain ID, please specify: 56
  • For the Symbol, write: BNB
  • And finally in Block Explorer URL, write:
  • And finally, click on Save.
  • At the bottom of this window, click on ‘Add a Token’.
  • In the contract address of the token, please copy and paste this address: 0x1e2cdda8dd439e3953a6f43d1a2a7a4c3af39922
  • The Token Symbol and the Decimal of Precision are automatically filled in.
  • Finally, click on Next
  • And to finish, ‘Add Tokens’.

Trust Wallet:

  • This Wallet is much easier to use, to start go to the top right, and look for the ‘BRPD’ token, it is not listed it is normal
  • Then click on ‘Add a new custom token’.
  • Start by selecting the network: Smart Chain
  • Copy/Paste this address into the Contract address: 0x1e2cdda8dd439e3953a6f43d1a2a7a4c3af39922
  • Add the name: Wrapped RPD
  • For the Symbol: BRPD
  • And for the Decimals, indicate: 8

Binance Chain Wallet is a browser extension, just like MetaMask, it is the fastest and easiest:

  • Go to the ‘Binance Chain’ extension
  • On the bottom of the window click on the ‘+’ button
  • Then add a new Token by clicking on ‘Custom Asset
  • You just have to Copy/Paste this contract address: 0x1e2cdda8dd439e3953a6f43d1a2a7a4c3af39922
  • Then click on Add assets, and that’s it, the BRPD Wallet is added to your Wallet
  • In ‘From’, choose: Rapids
  • In ‘To’, select the target: Wrapped Rapids
  • Then add your BRPD address, which you can get directly on Metamask (to copy it, on MetaMask, click on ‘Account **’, the address starts with ‘0x***************’, on Trust Wallet click on ‘Receive’, on Binance Chain also click on ‘Receive’ and then ‘Address or QR Code’, and paste it in the appropriate box
  • Click on ‘Next’.
  • From: Wrapped Rapids
  • To: Rapids
  • Add your RPD Address (from Raptic, Mobile Wallet, Core Wallet or Exchange)
  • Click on ‘Next



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