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4 min readApr 8, 2021

Friends and fans of Cryptocurrencies, you have probably noticed for a few months but in particular the last few weeks, NFTs have been shaking the web. They occupy more and more space in the news….and what news!

Incredible sales records:

  • An NFT of the very first Tweet posted by Jack Dorsey, sold for $2.5 Million
  • Nyan Cat sold for $500,000
  • Beeple sold a short video for $6.6 Million
  • A Banksy painting was destroyed by fire, to be turned into NFT, and then sold for $415,000
  • And the most iconic of all! A collage of Beeple’s 5000 works, sold by Christie’s for $69 million!

What are NFTs?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are tokens which were first inducted on the Ethereum Blockchain on September 22, 2017, under the ERC-721 Standard (ERC: Non-fungible Token Standard #721, created by D. Shirley, W. Entriken, J. Evans & N. Sachs)

Non-Fungible Objects have their own identity, they are unique, irreplaceable, non-divisible and non-duplicable. They were quickly popularised with CryptoKitties, as of December 3, 2017.

NFTs have an intrinsic value given by their rarity, they can not be modified, neither by its owner or by its creator (unlike a physical work of art, if you decide to buy the Mona Lisa, and you want to draw him a Tattoo or a Mustache, you CAN, but an NFT you CAN NOT modify it)

NFTs come in various forms:

  • Collectible Cards
  • Digital Art
  • Crypto Art
  • Items/Characters from Video Games
  • Virtual Real Estate
  • Digital Fashion Items (like CryptoKicks, Nike NFT Sneakers, or Louis Vuitton’s 30 NFT collectible)

NFTs, just like Cryptocurrencies, need the Blockchain to exist, and just like Cryptocurrencies, they cannot be physically produced. It is Digital Art hosted on a Blockchain.

The NFTs by Rapids!

The whole ecosystem of Rapids:

Rapids Network wishes to take part in this new revolution in the Crypto universe (without copying what others are doing, but by bringing something new), by announcing and presenting you the arrival of its first NFT Designer.

Samantha Haeffele, an American Artist & Industrial Designer, with an incredible background

  • Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design at Auburn University (Alabama, USA)
  • Pattern Design at Realtree (product design, pattern mock-ups, graphics, social media promotions, as well as a Nascar for the 2020 series)

Her company Looney Mascot, has been working since 2015 on logo redesigns for the MLB and NBA, as well as other minor leagues, while also working on other sports related graphic designs, not to mention traditional art, album covers, t-shirts, and Crypto Art.

Want to know a little more about what Samantha does? I invite you to check out her website, as well as her work for sale on Rarible and Open Sea Websites.

What are the advantages of NFTs within The Rapids Network?

As mentioned above, NFTs are Unique Objects that can be sold and have an intrinsic value linked to their rarity.

Rapids NFTs designed by Original Creators bring a plus to the Rapids community, it allows to promote the whole ecosystem more easily on the Media and Social Networks, but also it allows to promote the artist.

RPD Masternode Holders will receive a unique non transferable NFT which will host benefits such as receiving LTD edition NFT collectibles.

Projects which deploy on RPD-T and create an x number of addresses, users and run for a certain period of time will also benefit from founders NFTs and this will lead to further chosen NFTs for their project and community.

While the Roadmap is long to read, the NFTs can also bring the necessary notoriety to a Project, the more these Rapids NFTs are worked on, the more they arouse interest, and undeniably create excitement around a project. Where the Roadmap is a document of several pages, the NFTs are Images that illustrate the spirit of the Project, its Soul, and its Ambitions.

They also serve to reward the community’s commitment to the entire Rapids ecosystem.

What’s next?

April is the month of the complete Restructuring of Rapids, changing the consensus to the Mercury Protocol. Read more about the Mercury Protocol and Q1 update below.

Rapids Network Update

Rapids Network Q1 Update

Do you have any questions? You want to know more? I invite you to join the Rapids Network team on Telegram.



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