Welcome to the World of NFTs, with The Rapids Network.

  • An NFT of the very first Tweet posted by Jack Dorsey, sold for $2.5 Million
  • Nyan Cat sold for $500,000
  • Beeple sold a short video for $6.6 Million
  • A Banksy painting was destroyed by fire, to be turned into NFT, and then sold for $415,000
  • And the most iconic of all! A collage of Beeple’s 5000 works, sold by Christie’s for $69 million!

What are NFTs?

  • Collectible Cards
  • Digital Art
  • Crypto Art
  • Items/Characters from Video Games
  • Virtual Real Estate
  • Digital Fashion Items (like CryptoKicks, Nike NFT Sneakers, or Louis Vuitton’s 30 NFT collectible)

The NFTs by Rapids!

  • Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design at Auburn University (Alabama, USA)
  • Pattern Design at Realtree (product design, pattern mock-ups, graphics, social media promotions, as well as a Nascar for the 2020 series)

What are the advantages of NFTs within The Rapids Network?

What’s next?



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Rapids Network

Rapids Network

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